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Multi-user plugin publishing support

Figma needs to support publishing plugins from multiple users. This becomes a critically important feature when dealing with an enterprise situation where users are authenticating using SAML SSO. If the original author of the plugin goes on extended leave, leaves the department, or company altogether, continuing to publish plugins (private or otherwise) becomes difficult at best, impossible at worst.


Copying these comments from the Slack thread on Figma Plugins:

Regarding self-serve ownership transfer vs. co-authorship:

Co-authorship would be my preference. There’s times where you don’t want to transfer ownership to allow others to publish. For example: someone is out on paternal leave for an extended period. We’d rather not require the person who is supposed to be on leave monitor their communications just to publish an update, nor do we want to block all updates until they return.

The individual isn’t leaving the company or position in this case and will return, so going through all the hassle of transferring sole access to another individual is overkill (and still doesn’t solve the underlying problem of a single individual bottleneck)

Huge +1 to this request. Our team is building a variety of plugins, and this limitation makes scaling processes impossible, and poses risk if any individual were to leave the team / company.

Another +1 to this! My team maintains some private plugins for our organization and this is a big bottleneck