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I think there is a serious issue with the collaboration functions. I would like to give the Edit Rights to a colleague (and been charged for that). Apparently, if I invite this colleague he can’ edit (there is a mention that his account must be updated… but HOW? serious UX issue!!!). If I give the right “Anyone with the link can edit” it’s also only available in view mode!!!

Maybe you hire a serious UX researcher?

Maybe I switch back to Sketch?

Let me know if there is a serious way to collaborate efficiently with FIGMA!


After some investigations, I can be a bit more precise about the situation.

I have a paid FIGMA account.

If I share some edit rights with another user (and I pay an extra seat for that) having a free FIGMA account, he can’t edit my file because HE needs to update HIS account.

That’s a complete wrong behaviour in the FIGMA App. If I decide to invite an editor (and I pay for that) I can’t assume that this person has to update his plan (because of me).

Globally, all the account settings, warnings and settings are very opaque and need a serious review by a UX Designer (just ask me, I’m a UX designer).


I think you are misunderstanding some terminology here, because the editor definitely shouldn’t do anything to their account when you already added them. Let’s clarify some confusion here:

  1. There are no paid accounts. There are paid teams, they are called Professional teams. There is also an Organization / Enterprise plan but that’s a completely different beast — it has its own space, it doesn’t live “within” your account (your account lives inside of Organization). Most likely you have a Professional team.

  2. You can invite anyone as an editor to specific Files or Projects (folders for files) within the Team. You can also give people edit access to the whole Team. All they need is a Figma account. You pay for any editors you invite to the team, files or projects.

If you invited someone as an editor but they only see the file/project/team as a viewer, this likely is an issue of inviting or using the wrong account. Make sure you invited the correct account and the person is logged in into that specific account with the exact email you entered. Figma also has a feature of switching between accounts, so if they are using this feature, they need to make sure they chose the correct account before opening the file. When opening a link they receive via email, it could be opened on the wrong account if that one is currently active.

If the person you are inviting is still having issues and you are sure the account is correct, please share screenshots of what they see and how the access rights are set up on your side. Or reach out with a video recording to the Figma support team, they might be able to troubleshoot this in case there is a bug (quite unlikely though).

Thanks for your feedback.

The issue is certainly about the accounts. There are 4 companies collaborating on different FIGMA files… all 4 companies have their FIGMA accounts, incl. the final client. It’s difficult to know what FIGMA board was created within a specific account.

I create a file and I give the edit rights to my client: all OK
the other agency does the same (with another account): the client can’t edit.

I have to investigate further.

But the point is that finally all agencies and the client are invoiced by FIGMA and nobody really understands what they paying for… the dark side of FIGMA :slight_smile:

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