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Why do Frames with Clip Content bug out with Smart Animate applied?

Here’s a link to a demo Figma file that showcases this problem.

This happens whenever a frame with “Clip content” checked is resized between Smart Animate animations. What’s strange is Figma only seems to struggle handling the animation in one direction (growing in size), whereas if it’s shrinking the animation works fine. Not only is there transparent banding on the frame’s fill, but other objects in the frame will blink and disappear as well.

Has anyone else experienced these issues or figured out a solid workaround for this problem?

I have a simple animation on click between two frames that only changes the sizing. As you can see, when going back to the original frame, the animation “jumps” instead of smoothly animating to its intended size. Am I missing something in the setup for it to work?


Figma file: Figma

Yeah seems like a bug that needs to be reported to Figma support team via or the support request form.

I also encountered this resizing bug and I’ve been struggling with this since January. I’m pretty sure it’s because “Clip content” has been enabled on your frame, at least that’s what’s causing the issue for me. Have you discovered a workaround for this?

Unfortunately no, I filed a bug report and Figma confirmed it. Seems it’s like you say, clip content is the cause.

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