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Why are lines and other shapes 1/2 pixel off?


I’ve tried to center align, manually align, etc. but nothing seems to make these items center align

I believe because the height of that arrow is an even number value (22px), hence the stem of the arrow lies centered between 2 pixels. The thickness of the line is an odd number value (3px). The line wants to snap to the grid, but the stem of the arrow is off the grid by half a pixel.

If possible setting the height of the arrow to an odd number should snap its stem to the grid.

Where can I adjust the height of the arrow? I can’t seem to find that setting
When I change the ‘H’ it adjusts the surrounding box of the arrow

Ah I get the problem now. I assumed the arrow was some manually created graphic. Its a vector with an arrow cap.

I assume the other part you’re trying to connect is a “line”, which is kind of problematic in general. You could adjust the Y position of that line by half a pixel less, but thats kind of hacky.

Or you could recreate the line with the vector tool, which should allow you to snap its end node to the end of the arrow.

Thank you! I must say that using the line tool seems like it shouldn’t lead to this type of behavior. Just to confirm if the vector tool the arrow tool and with the cap set to none?

Right, I used the vector tool with no end caps. But I think you can add whatever end caps or arrow ends you like, and it should still work.

I believe the arrow tool just makes a vector line with an arrow end cap.

I don’t know why the line tool behaves differently than a vector line, but it does. I almost never use it for this reason.