While Hovering interaction reverts component to original width

Hey There, I’ve been playing around with interactive components to demo the power of component properties with my organization. Been seeing some strange behavior while running through my most recent prototype. Essentially after I add new interactions, on top of those I set up in the original interactive component, the width of the component reverts back to its original value. It happens during the “while hovering” interaction that was set up on the original interactive component. Only after I click through all of the possible permutations does it operate as expected.

Steps taken:

  1. Create component A with properties and variants
  2. Hook up interactions (while hovering / on click) for component A
  3. Insert component A and use to build component B
  4. Create component B with variants
  5. Hook up interactions (on click) for component B
  6. Insert component B into Frame and view prototype

Please see the gif below.

Love what y’all do. Any would help would be much appreciated. :v:

Not a bug. Reviewed my original component and had a random fixed width in two of my variations. My apologies for raising the alarm bells. Everything is working as expected.

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