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When to use "while pressing" or "mouse down/up"

Hi, I’m just wondering when to use “while pressing”,
instead of “mouse down” and “mouse up”

I’m creating a mobile app quiz. So I’d like the answer options to have three states:
unselected state, pressed state, and selected state.

Thank you

Here’s a definition of each of the prototyping triggers:

For your pressed state though I would probably use while pressing

Thanks Josh!
I read through that page and I still don’t understand the differences enough to know which trigger to use.

I assume I should be using “while pressing” in combination with “mouse up”?

While pressing is good for when you want to return to the state you came from ie. A → B → A (on release). Mouse down and then Mouse up is good when you want to move from A → B → C. At least that’s how/when I use them :slight_smile:

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Check this file. Figma - Figma Interactive Components Playground (Beta) | Simplify prototype creation with reusable, shareable interactive components. This playground is d...
Look this checkbox, it is getting big when you mouse down, and getting small when mouse up.