When to use Clip content?

Hi FellowFigma!

As i’m building the wireframes for my personal project, i’m wondering when to use Clip content?
Here i have 2 frames with actually almost the same height.

One on the left is the main screen and i checked the “clip content” box, and when you click the question or anywhere on the card, you will be directed to the answer card on the right. And i unchecked the “clip content” box.
But here’s tihngs get complicated for me. Which one should i go for, check or unchecked the clip content? because both are working just fine, i can scroll vertically on both frames.

Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance!

I suppose it depends on what effect/presentation you are going for. If you want the prototype on the right to look like a mobile interface with vertical scrolling you would nest all of its content into a frame, clip content, then drag the bounding box up to mimic the dimensions on the right. If however you want to show all content laid out there would be no need to clip the content in the first place.

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