When publishing : Show more details on what was modified in the components

When you click “publish” from a library file, Figma detects a list of components that have been updated and flags them as “modified”, without more details.

I would like to see what has been modified exactly ? (added variants, added properties, modified that specific variant, deleted component, etc)

Especially, two use cases could be labeled differently :

  1. Someone modified component A in the library, but all the 37 components using an instance of A inside them as a internal layer will also be detected and shown as modified, even though technically no one manually modified them. They could be shown in a different color or label or something.

  2. You rework a component or maybe copy/paste it from another older version of the library or a branch or something, and delete the previously existing component. Both have the same name and variants, and Figma unfortunately assigns a new component ID to it, so when you publish the old one gets deleted effectively, and the new one added, and all instances get detached :frowning:


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