On publish, show which components were modified as a result of changes to other components

In the publish library dialog, it is a little unsettling to see a lot of modified components that I haven’t touched. Did I make changes by accident?

Instead of just labeling them all as modified, it would be very helpful if Figma could indicate which components were automatically modified as a result of changes I made to other components, and preferably even which component the change came from.

“Inherited change”, or something like that? And maybe you could see on hover which component(s) the change was inherited from?


:point_up: This. And/or, display some additional meta data around when each components was updated (date/time) and by who.


We definitely need a feature like this… a way to know what exactly what was changed and if that change was just something “under the hood” like an update made to the documentation, if something has been visually changed or if some kind of constraint was adjusted.

A sensitivity I wish to understand is why Figma counts simply selecting a main component as “modifying” it. I end up with tons of “modified” components in the to-be-published list after touring new teammates through a file, or even just checking in on properties.

I’d love for the sensitivity to loosen up to exclude these “someone selected the component” moments.

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