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What is the current version of Figma Desktop for Mac

I have 101.6 installed but getting pop up to update. When I download the update and unzip, the app info says it’s from June and an older version. What???

Where are you downloading the update from? This is not the normal behavior of the desktop app, it should auto-update without the need to unzip anything. Perhaps you have/had some code injected into the desktop app that modifies it (dark mode or FigmaEX extensions for example). Figma started blocking such extensions (they were never allowed) this summer so this might explain the extension prompting you to install an older version of the Desktop app to continue functioning.

To fix this, remove the current installation of the desktop app entirely and download the clean latest version from the Figma site: Download Figma Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, and Font Installers

Hi Gleb! I don’t have either of those extensions in play.

But the good news is, I just launched the desktop version this morning, 101.6, and am no longer getting that pop-up sending me to your download page.

What would be really helpful is if Figma could list the number of the current version on the download page, and/or at least when I use Get Info in the Mac Finder, it should provide the version number.

This is what I see using Get Info in Finder for the version I just downloaded from your site. It shows as version 1.0, modified June 4 of this year.
Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 10.34.32 AM

The current stable version of the application is 107.0.0.
Try to download it from the direct link:

Mine oddly shows 104.1 with no update available from within the app.

Running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2

Just logged in here to say I was having trouble logging in to 104.1. I logged in on the web but when redirected to the app it said there was an error. No update was reported as being available. Thanks @tank666 for the direct link to 107.0.

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