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What is the best practice for mobile screens?

Ok, seeing as Figma don’t allow multiple prototypes per page, and there is no way to link to a frame on a different page, what do you peeps do when designing mobile and desktop versions, with components?

Making a new page for a mobile version, and using interactive components I want to show an overlay with a warning then using a toggle to turn off a feature on our website.

Currently I have that warning as a component on the desktop page, and also I moved the component for the toggle to the desktop page so I can link to the overlay, to show a warning.

But when I use the interactive toggle component on the mobile page, I can’t link to the overlay which is on the desktop page, so I need to duplicate that overlay. The toggles that trigger the overlay is also imported into the mobile page, so the interactions are broken again.

Seems very cumbersome to me to work like this. I’m coming from 6-7 years of Sketch and have made dozens of designsystems in my career, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but Figma seems to hinder me sometimes.

So any great tips on this would be great. Thanks!