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Varying prototype performance

Hi folks,

is it only me or do you also experience changing prototype performance from day to day?

One week your prototype lags so badly and everything is choppy, even after restarting the computer and connecting to the internet by cable. Also no matter whether playing it inside the desktop app or the browser.
And then after a few days the very same prototype runs totally smooth again and the animations even appear too fast because you tweaked them to look good during “choppy mode”. I mean – I’m happy that it works again now but I’m quite sure it will degrade again some day in the future… which is a bit frustrating.

Is this just happening to me or do you also experience this behaviour? And if so, do you have any advice how to avoid this?

FYI: I’m not taking part in the public beta for interactive components, which may cause slowdowns, I know.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day. :sunglasses:

yes, some days performance is really bad.
I disabled the new Interactive Prototypes feature, but saw no difference in performance. Also removed hidden layers, made everything a component, but still experienced slow animations.


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