Using long-press to open mobile app menu is an issue / Add a long-press prototype interaction

Long-press is a common interaction. It also was possible to simulate in Figma mirror. However, now the long press interaction is hardwired to open the app’s menu.

This is an issue for a few reasons.

  1. Users will leave a finger on the screen while thinking, inadvertently opening the menu,
  2. Using the while pressing or while hovering prototype interactions cause the prototype to be interrupted and sometimes break. For example the “While pressing” interaction will get stuck on the 2nd screen even though the user is not pressing the screen anymore.

What I’d like to see:

  1. Revert or change the way the app menu is opened. Triple tap was rarely an issue for me.
  2. Adding a long press prototype interaction would also simplify prototyping. Using a combination of while pressing, mouse up, and delay interactions does work. It’s just time consuming.

Questions for community

  1. Do you have better ideas for opening the mobile app menu while mirroring? Maybe some form of multi gesture?

‘While pressing’ states are now absolutely useless on the Figma mirror app because of this change. Triple tap to open menu needs to be brought back.

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Change to long press to open mirror menu, and the resulting inability to use a long press interaction is a huge issue for our usability testing.
Would like to see a revert to triple tap or other solution e.g. long press in the top right corner.

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I’m trying to prototype a custom keyboard. Guess it will just… not have to use long presses?

Al joking aside: this would be a funny oversight if it weren’t so… bad.

agree…can something be done about this? Also having this issue. Should give us a settings option to change this

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This. Please add some options

  • Long-press
  • Triple-tap
  • Quad-tap
  • Double finger - double tap
  • ???

Can be set in the main screen of the app or the pop up menu in a prototype.

Having options to pick from would be a huge benefit. ty!

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