Long press and hold to show app menu -- conflict

This feature conflicts with long-press simulation in prototypes (via Touch Down+Delay).
Previous way – Triple Tap – was better and there were no conflicts.


Exactly! I can’t build prototypes with long press in them. And on user testing some testers do this by accident. The best solution for this is “three fingers press”. Because there is no use for 3 fingers press on mobile.


Thanks for flagging this! We’ll be shipping a change very soon.

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Can you provide an estimate for the fix - I need this long press functionality urgently for a user test. Is there a way to revert the app to a previous version so I can still use the PT? Otherwise I have to switch back to Adobe XD (what a pitty).

We’re planning on fixing this in the next release!

Hi, with the latets update the longpress “show app menu - vs. trigger longpress interaction on prototype” was not fixed.

Can you provide a date for the fix for Android App?


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I am also interested in when this fix should be expected.
Anyone that knows?

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Also wondering this…

Hi all, this is has now been fixed so will be closing this thread.

The prototype/mirror menu is now triggered with a 2 finger long press