User profile tooltip covers Design tab

When I click on the Design tab, it is very easy to trigger the tooltip for the View Profile icon, which drops down a tooltip which I click on, taking me to my Profile page. This is very disorienting and I waste time having to click back on my Figma file.

I am reporting this issue again because it looks like the original issue was Closed due to inactivity for 30 days. User profile tooltip blocks Design tab - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

BUT, I started encountering the same issue again yesterday and hit that View Profile link at least twice when I wanted to click on the Design tab instead.

I have to say that despite the advice to use SHIFT-E, the shortcut never stuck with me and I still click directly on the “Design” and “Prototype” tabs to switch back and forth. I do this hundreds of times a day, while I only want to view my profile once a year or so =).


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