Unable to modify (or restore original) of Personal Colors

This evening I discovered I can edit Personal Colors… So I did that, and now the changes aren’t propagating to my files, and I’m unable to restore the original Personal Colors.

Screen recording

Hi @jasonperez! Thanks for getting in touch. I took a look at your recording, and it appears you’re working on modifying styles from the team library - Personal Colors.

To modify a style, you’ll want to make edits in the original file where the style is defined. Just like in your recording, choose [Go to style definition] to open the file and make your adjustments there.
For the changes to reflect in other files and projects, be sure to publish the modified styles to the team library.
You can get more details here: Manage and share Styles

If you need to restore, you can check version history. Learn more about it here: View a file’s version history

Hope this info proves helpful. Feel free to point out if I’ve missed anything!


Thanks for the response.

So the key issue is that I am unable to restore the original personal colors. Meaning, the component that Figma uses by default, no longer exists in the file, cannot be restored (see screen recording), and file history only shows as recent as today.

I’m now in the position where I’m unable to edit personal colors, even those shipped with Figma.

Hi there, Thanks for getting back to us!

I’m not entirely certain, but it looks like you might be using a design file from the community, such as Personal Colors

When you click “Open in Figma” on a community page for a design file, a copy of the file is added to your drafts. Every file you duplicate from our community will have “(Community)” appended to the file name.

So please take a moment to explore if you have a file named something like “Personal Colors (Community)”, and on the files canvas you will be able to check the history from the time when you duplicated the file.

You can check more details here: Duplicate Community files

Additionally, this article might come in handy for accessing styles in other files: Guide to libraries in Figma

Hope this sheds some light!
If there’s anything I might have missed, feel free to let us know.

Interesting, it seems like Personal Colors is somehow linked to every new file… I just assumed it was a Figma default… as I don’t have a Professional plan so can’t use Libraries.