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Trying to move component even though it is in same file

Figma is asking me to publish the updates and it is mentioned that the master has been moved between the files in the same team, but it is not! and if I publish the file, I lost master to those particular instances.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Moves all the master icons (existing inside a frame) to my team library from a normal file (along with the frame)

  2. Publish the team library

  3. comes back to a normal file, and it didn’t ask me to review & update the components

  4. So I check which master is my component connected to, it showed a greyed-out components icon on the right which is supposed to redirect me to the master component, and there is no button to restore the component as well.

  5. So I reloaded the file, it didn’t show any change

  6. So restored from the old version

  7. But it tells me to publish changes, and if I do that I lose master to most of the instances as mentioned in step 4

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