Trimmed dashed strokes caps

Currently, dashed strokes have ‘trimmed caps’. Is there a way to have all dashes with the same length? Example:


Figma starts and ends every dashed line with a half-length dash. You can use Outline Stroke to convert the stroke to a vector object. This will allow you to remove or extend the half-dash.

hi Yury, thanks for the reply. How can I make this a feature request, then?

Other people may already vote for your proposal. However, you can add explanations to the original post, for example, how this function will be useful to other users.

I also really want this. I can’t understand a scenario where trimmed caps are preferable.


Hi, it’s not even doing a half length currently. It’s doing some weird math I can’t figure out; it changes radically based on whether you have the dash cap set to none, square, or round; or if you have a cap on the stroke itself. It’s not working very well at all for me.

If you are creating a line with square dashes, you can use square end caps in the “start/end point” dropdown.

For longer dashes, although not ideal, you can clip the end caps by putting the dashed line into a frame and setting the constrains to “left and right” to get the desired result.

The whole thing is kinda kludgy—ideally Figma would fix this. I think I agree that same length should be the default behavior. I imagine it’s difficult to get right since the vector endpoints are on the vertices of the pixel grid.

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