Too many overlays take almost all the memory of Figma

Hey Figma
I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I will let you know anyway.
If you have many overlays on one screen in a prototype it will use almost all the memory of Figma. This will brake the prototype. In my case I have around 6 or 7 overlays in one screen, and it will give me this error

your device is running out of memory

My computer has 32gb of ram, so is not my computer but a browser issue.
So maybe you guys can look into optimize some code to fix this issue?

Hi Lynge,
Thanks for reaching out!

Figma is browser-based, and every browser has its own active memory limit of ~2GB per browser tab. When loading or editing Figma files nears or exceeds this memory limit, it can cause performance issues like long load times or crashes.

If you’re working with large component or variant libraries, a lot of hidden layers, large assets and or large files with multiple pages and high-resolution images you may run into these limits. To continue editing in these affected files, you’ll need to reduce your memory usage.

I’d recommend reviewing our article on how to reduce memory usage in files to resolve this and prevent any future issues with your file.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe I found a fix, Using Opera GX, here you can tune up ram :slight_smile:


Perfect, glad to hear you found a fix! :smile:

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