Title case isn’t accurate

The title case isn’t accurate. As it also capitalizes:

  1. articles (such as “a,” “an,” and “the”)
  2. conjunctions (such as “and,” “but,” and “or”), and
  3. prepositions (such as “at,” “by,” “of,” “to,” and “on”).

In my opinion, the better naming would be “Capitalize”. Figma team can also consider adding “Title Case” and “Sentence Case” options separately.


Yes, please! We have several components that require Title Case and it would be incredibly helpful to our designers if I could set it in the component

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Yeah there’s a plugin called Proper Title Case but there are limitations with what I’m hoping to achieve

  • the plugin works on only one text block at a time. When selecting multiple text blocks, only one gets updated.

  • it cannot be applied on text styles, which is very important!

Any improvement expected on this front? I’d love to build this in to our button components, but I can only do it if proper title case is used. Otherwise, it’s misleading and pointless.

This would be really useful. Have used the plugin but it’s a bit of a manual workaround compared to the possibility of setting proper title case for components such as buttons and styles for headings etc.

As a UI writer it would be amazing if there was a way to set our own Title Case guidelines (like always lowercase a, an, or unless starting a sentence). Complex lift for sure. But different brands can have different guidelines set by copy editors for Title Case handling (as is our case).

Keep this thread alive. I’d love to see the real Title Case.


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This topic existed before already, but got closed.
However, we still need a better Title Case option that doesn’t capitalize prepositions or articles, unless they’re the start word.

While each style guide might have some slight variation, there are enough commonalities that could be applied to how users expect Title Case to work.

One huge use case from the comments is to use the Title Case text style in components like buttons. Doing it manually without the case set is time consuming and open to errors.