Text underline doesn't work

Hey there. I’m trying to decorate a text element using underline but I’m facing a problem…

While the underline appears normally inside the Figma workspace, it doesn’t appear when I preview the prototype.

The text font I’m using is Montserrat.

The underline seems to be working normally on some other fonts (but not all of them).

Any suggestions? Is that a bug?

Thanks a lot in advance for all the help!


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I’m having the exact same problem.

I noticed that the underline will appear in prototype preview if I move the text element by a few pixels up/down, but it won’t show the underline while the text is exactly where I want it to be. So strange, it must be a bug… hope it gets sorted soon!


Same issue here. But that moving the text element by a few pixels thing doesn’t work for me at all.

Im having roughly the same issue as well, half of my text shows up as underlined and half does not in presentation mode

Same issue here. Old locally styled text underline appears in design and prototype preview mode fine. New underlines applied by Figma text styles is very thin and not visible in prototype preview mode.