Text Decorations Won't Display for Specific Font | Underline, Strikethrough

I have already contacted Support and they are aware of the issue however, wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this as well.

When using the font Ringside, I’m able to select underline or strikethrough but nothing appears. The notation for underline does appear in the CSS when I go to inspect in Figma. It doesn’t appear to be an issue with the font itself because I’m able to underline in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word. Underline and strikethrough do appear in Figma for other fonts like Arial.

I sent a video to Support illustrating all of this and they said it’s definitely part of a larger issue they’re seeing. It’s hard to pinpoint since it’s one specific font and it can vary between users.

Anyone else seeing this? If so, what font are you using? Hoping to get it fixed soon since I can’t show underlines for text links in our design system! :see_no_evil:


I’m having the same issue with a font called Decimal. Underline works fine in the various Adobe and Microsoft products, but I am unable to see underlined text when I use the Decimal font in Figma. As Decimal is part of our brand, I may have to stop migrating our designs to Figma and return to XD.

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I am experiencing the same issue while using Decimal font in Figma. The underline shows as text decoration in the Inspect mode, and when I change my font type to something else, but it does not appear in the design when using the Decimal font.

That’s a bummer. We’re using Figma for our full design system so there’s no going back now. I’m hoping if more people report this Figma will work on fixing it!

Same for me with Ringside!

Having the same issue with a font called Founders Grotesk Text. Works fine on Adobe but not on Figma.

I’m also having this issue with Decimal font. Did anyone already found a fix or workaround?

Same issue here with a font called Otto Sans.

Same issue with Ringside!

Same problem here with Gravur Condensed

Same for me with a clients proprietary type face. Worked in Figma previously, today it is broken.