Tap of back button, activates back button on previous frame in Figma Mirror

When I view my prototype on an iPad via the Figma Mirror app I have an annoying problem with buttons that are on different frames in the same place.

For example, if I have a back button on two frames both triggered to go ‘Back’, when I click on the ‘Back’ button on the second frame it will take me back a frame for a split second, then trigger the first ‘Back’ button essentially taking me back two frames.

It looks as if a tap triggers the first ‘Back’ button and then on release of the tap it triggers the second back button.

This does not happen when using the prototype via Figma on my laptop, only via the Figma Mirror app. It’s frustrating as I can’t properly test my prototype on the destination device.

Anyone else experience this issue? Thanks.

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I have the same problem , in my case the back arrow is not working at all .

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I am having the same issue. Works fine on a 2-in-1 touch screen laptop running Windows 10 and on an Andriod tablet. Just have the issue on iPads. Sometimes it does not work and others you can tell it goes to the correct screen but then pops right back to the previous screen. I am surprised no one from Figma or elsewhere has commented on this issue or a solution. And yes I have tried all combos of the trigger states.

It was also reported here: Prototype hotspots are triggered twice when tapping on iPad.