Swap libraries: styles are updated, but not images

Hi everyone,

I’ve read other posts about issues related to Swap Libraries but didn’t find anyone talking about problems when swapping images.

What I have
I have a Style Library file where I manage the color styles and images, all linked to the components of a Design System file.
The components of this Design System are being consumed in another file, The Mockup file., where I have the user flows and scenarios.

The Style Library + Mockup File are my templates, which I’ll customize for different clients.

My Problem
When I duplicate the files to customize the styles and images and swap them to the duplicated Mockup file, all the color styles change properly, but not the images in some components.

What I understood so far
Those images are in components that have variants. I read in some posts here about some issues related to styles being ignored on instances that are part of a variant component set. But in my case, only the images in those particular components are being ignored.

There are no overrides and all instances are properly linked in the Mockup file.

I did a test, swapping this new customize Style file in the Design System file, and all the styles and images were successfully replaced.

Any thoughts about this? Thank you!