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Stretching an imported image!


I’m often translating graphics from our core application to Figma to create infographics and data visualizations.

For example, I have a dot chart that I take a screenshot of that I want to reproduce in Figma. I’d like to lay that screenshot of a dot chart over my graphic, make it 50% transparent and lock it so I can recreate that chart in Figma. But if I want to stretch that screenshot to different dimensions in Figma, there are no image fill options to allow me to stretch the image to where I need it to be.

Basically, I need a way to make an image 150% width and 100% height. Any ideas on how to do this?

Set the image mode to Crop, after that when you stretch the container the image will be stretched too.


I never realized before that you have to use Crop mode for this. Why is there no simple Stretch mode? :sweat_smile:

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