Start Conversation in Figma (call)

It’s a great idea when I start a dialogue in Figma with other designers to give them the opportunity to invite them into the conversation.

Some kind of sound signal or popup so that they can hear that I am calling them to talk :call_me_hand:. like a phone call. accept or reject.
Only for participants who are currently working in the same file.
But in the future it is possible to call me to a specific file and talk there. And I will immediately get into the conversation on the file that I am invited to.

Because every time I go to a private chat on Telegram or Skype and ask them to talk to me in Figma.

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Would love to have an option to invite others. Right now it’s quite passive. I’m not even sure if the other person noticed the call starting. Our default is to go on Slack and then huddle. But I like the integration inside Figma. If only I could send invites, and they could get a notification, that way I would know that they saw it and secondly I’d know if they declined.