Conversations on Figma

I tried making an audio conversation on Figma today and it was terrific, but my problem was, when I wanted others to join, I couldn’t. I looked for a way to nudge the user or invite them but couldn’t.

I suggest adding a ring icon (whatever you find suitable) next to the desired user to nudge when I want them to join the audio conversation without resorting to other software.

Ooh thanks for the feedback/request @Issa_Abuaita – just to add more detail: it sounds like you were trying to nudge users that were actively in the file at the time – is that incorrect?

Or were you maybe in the “share” module and trying to get the attention of anyone that has access to the file there, but not necessary viewing it at the time?

In any case, I get what you mean, since there’s no way to do that natively at the moment.

It may be helpful to have some sort of toast pop-up that has a ringtone play – similar to communication platforms. Would that be something you think would fit as a solution?