Something went wrong. Reason: oom

My team and I have been facing this error a few times today, we’re all on different machines. Majority of them are on Macbook and I’m using a pretty decent windows PC.

I’m wondering what does Reason: oom mean?

This file does have quite a bit of images though, we’re using this to mark UI bugs from screenshots we take on our production app.

Hey @Kwok_Leong - are you and all the others in your team seeing this when you are all working on the same file, by chance?

This error usually means the file you’re working on is hitting the 2GB memory limit that applies to each browser tab, including those in our Desktop App. Editing or loading Figma files near or beyond this memory limit can cause performance issues like long load times or crashes.

Heya, thank you for responding so quickly. Is there a way for us to increase the 2gb cap on our end? For example, I’m working on machine with 32gb memory.

Unfortunately not - this can’t be increased based on your hardware. This is a browser limitation - every browser has its own active memory limit, but in general, it’s around 2 GB.

As Figma serves both the web app and the desktop app via a browser, these limitations apply when using the Figma desktop app too.

This page should help - it has tips on how to improve file memory:

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