Almost out of memory

Why is Figma running out of memory? I had 16 gig and Figma wrote that there was not enough memory. I added 16 more. Got 32 GB of computer RAM. And Figma writes “almost out of memory”. What can be wrong? Does Figma have limited memory by default, no matter how much RAM is installed on the computer? I am using the latest desktop program.

Hey there @YanFrontender, the memory that Figma mentions is the browser memory not your computers RAM. We have a help article here that outlines all of this as well as offers some tips to reducing the memory usage of a file.

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So this is a browser issue and not a computer issue? But I’m using the desktop version of the app. Should a desktop application use the limited resources of a browser?

Interestingly, Figma developers are going to solve the problem of insufficient memory or will they continue to recommend removing “extra” information from the project?

Figma Desktop App is an Electron App: it’s a type of program made using web technology (like websites). It’s like wrapping a web app in a special box (which is a chromimum) so it acts like a regular program on your computer. But in the end it’s the same thing as using Figma in a browser.

@Josh Due to lack of memory, I can no longer work with the project. Is it possible to contact support so that they restore the data to the previous working version of the project? Is this a normal request for them? I think I’m not the only one affected.

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@Haroll is correct in that the desktop app still runs as a browser and is limited by the browser’s memory. Yes you can reach out to our support team and they may be able to help unblock you. Have you gone through the steps outlined in the help doc I shared? Did any of those help?

Hi @Josh thank you so much for the doc, it has worked. I was able to restore the earlier version and found very helpful information on how to manage the file without reaching this terrible situation (the YanFrontend’s question was actually from me)) )


@Josh I have a question regarding managing the file. The problem was that in the file there is everything the design system with components and pages with screens because I don’t have a paid plan. Now I am thinking of buying a professional plan, but I am not sure if there are any limits to the published libraries’ quantity. I mean if I have the design system divided into several files (for atoms, molecules, components) can I publish all of them?

Yeah absolutely! On our pro plan there isn’t a limit to the number of libraries you can publish. We have a pretty good feature breakdown on our pricing page.

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If I increase th RAM of my system, then?

We can’t guarantee that adding more RAM will necessarily lead to improvements. Instead, we recommend following these memory reduction tips as Josh shared: []. Our app leverages browser technology, meaning it’s subject to the same memory constraints typical of browsers. Generally, each browser tab has an active memory limit, which might vary across different devices, but it’s usually around 2GB per tab.

Since Figma is built with browser-based technologies, these limitations also apply to Figma’s desktop applications.