Saving an offline file of a Figma prototype

I need to be able to export my Figma clickable demo so that I can have an offline demo for use in remote environments where there is no internet access. We used to do something similar with our InVision prototypes so that they could be used without internet. It also preserved the copy of the demo as of that date so we could always refer back to the original tested demo.

It would be great if you could simply open your prototype link in a browser and then inside the browser simply select
File β†’ Save Page as β†’ Web Page Complete
And it would save a complete offline version of your prototype.

Currently all I get are some random icons and pictures of myself, but no prototype.

I look forward to seeing this, (or some other way of saving an offline version of the prototype) available soon.


Same trouble. I created a prototype that should be shown during an Exposition but there it won’t have internet access. I don’t know what to do next, how to export it. Help Please

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Try my Demo Station plugin. It exports your Figma file to a standalone locale file collection.

Yep, it still has many known limitations (Figma universe is large), but you can find it useful.

Thanks MaxBazarov, Your plugin might work with a simple prototype consisting of a click through of artboards but it does not handle the animations and the internavigation between variants within a component so unfortunately can not be used for my offline demo.

I do really like the fact that it creates a map of all the links. Its a great start but ideally would maintain the full functionality of the original demo. Thanks for sharing though.

You are right. I need to cover more functionality.

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