Restore a deleted team


After recent updates in the UI, everything was changed again, I got confused and accidentally deleted my team with all the work in Figma. I didn’t receive the email with the link to restore it because it figured out that my GMail had run out of storage and wasn’t accepting any emails; I’ve fixed my GMail and can receive emails again.

  1. How can I resend the link to restore my team?
  2. Is there a phone number to call Figma support and get quick help with it? (I couldn’t find it; see only a form to submit a request, but it seems to be very slow while I need urgent help)

Hoping for your help

Hey @Olena_Odintsova ,
Welcome to the community! Looks like our support team has restored directly your deleted team.

For others in the community who want to restore a deleted team, please check this article to get all the information: Restore a deleted team.

I’ve gone ahead to mark as solved and close this topic :slight_smile: