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I did not got an email to restore my deleted team

Hi Figma-Fam,

I enjoy the app in my work as a designer and developer a lot. The controls are just more intuitive than XD.
Unfortunately I deleted my team „***“ accidentally, because I did not realize the files were saved there. I thought I moved them to drafts, but didn’t.
Sadly I did not receive any kind of email to restore the team? I already wrote to the support, but the automatic answer told me to go here. Is there anything I could do? I already checked spam folders and got a email for another team I deleted afterwards already.

Thank you, best wishes from Germany


You can contact the support team at this link: Submit a request – Figma

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The problem was that I did not receive the email said in the article though I just got an answer from the support who helped me in no time, but I really appreciate you taking time :+1:t2:

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