Quickly find the position of element

Hi there.

Among the thousands of layers on a single page, I want to easily locate an element like text, line, random shape, etc. My approach is to click the search button, enter the element’s name, and then click each result until I find the element’s position that I want.

I expect that when I click on an element’s name in the left column, I will be taken directly to that element’s position.

I hope this is fixed quickly. I’m grateful.

Doesn’t the “Find” function solve your problem?

Hi. Let’s say I see an element name “Vector 404” in the left column and want to find out its position on the workspace quickly by clicking directly on its name and its location is focused immediately. In this case, search function is too taking time for me if there is many elements has the same name.

If I understand your case correctly, then:

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Yesss “double click on the layer icon” is all what i need. Thank you a lot @tank666

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