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pxCode — Design to Code tool, is opening Beta for Figma soon

pxCode has been supporting Sketch design since the start, and due to the significant growth of Figma users, we had received tons of requests to support Figma as well.

As a NEW Responsive Webpage Development Tool, we are trying to build a friendly community connection with Figma. So here we are, calling for Beta!​ :loudspeaker:

Inbox or Comment down your email for further notifications!​ And feel free to check out our Facebook page for more details. :wink:

Please, improve your topic name, as currently it looks like an ad. Who “we” and what kind of beta is that? I suggest “pxCode, Design to Code platform, is opening Beta for Figma”. Also it would be nicer to post this when the beta is actually open, not right now when you simply ask people to comment for nothing in return.

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Hey Gleb, thanks for your kindly advice. Gotta admit the name you suggested is way more better, hope you don’t mind if I use it!
Our team has been developing Figma support for some time and can’t wait to share it, people who sign up for Beta earlier could receive the latest news from us.

Hi all

Our plugin already releases in Figma Community.
You can install plugin via link below

We are glad to hear your feedbacks