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Convert your Design into Responsive Webpage. pxCode plugin is open for install!

Turn your Figma design alive, pxCode plugin is now available on Figma.

:loudspeaker: Responsiveness plays an important role in Web Design.

Before pxCode, you are required to code in order to achieve Responsive, but now you can export your Figma design with pxCode plugin. Then, simply import Figma design file into pxCode, make some easy tweak and editing, and you can export your design as a fully RWD, with HTML/CSS/React/React Native code auto-generated.

:point_right: Feel free to check out pxCode plugin on Figma Community.

With the revolutionary features pxCode provided, you hold the complete control to make flexible edits on your design. Unlike AWD, you only need to make your design in one screen size, and pxCode will helps it to be responsive under various Screen Sizes.

:large_blue_circle: Check out the tutorial here: 【How to integrate Figma design?
:large_blue_circle: Try pxCode on: 【pxCode | Design to Development, Elegant, 10x Faster and Clean Code

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