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Beta access?

Hi all - I’m wondering if there is a beta channel we have access to, similar to how Sketch would release their betas so that people could experiment with things before they were fully baked.

And thanks Figma team for a great product! The updates you’ve made in the past few months have been awesome. I’m excited to see what happens when component-level prototyping hits. :slight_smile:

@Travis Is this what you are looking for? Beta version of the desktop app

No, there is no such place. Desktop app beta doesn’t give you access to any beta editor features. There are occasional betas for new updates, however. Like this upcoming one:

Just chiming in here. We do plan on opening some betas in the future and will be using this forum as a way to manage them. So stay tuned! :blush:


Thanks, yes, this is a step in that direction!

@Gleb - if the beta isn’t for testing new features, is it only for diagnosing issues in current releases? E.g., Figma team notices a lot of a particular issue with a new release, so beta users can help with investigation via the beta app that perhaps collects more logging or something?

Beta app is the beta of the app version itself, not the editor. The app is a chromium client. It’s similar to how you would use a Beta version of your browser.

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