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Publish library: description of changes

When I’m publishing a library, do I have to detail all of the changes (indicated by the list shown in the pop-up, with items that I can check/un-check) in the “Optional description of changes,” or will all those items that were changed be shown somewhere else, to users, when they look for a changelog of some kind?

In other words, if I’m publishing changes to multiple components, but I leave the “Optional description of changes” empty, will those changes be shown somewhere, in a publish history? Change-log? etc.?

Seems a bit dumb to to enter into that field everything that’s listed below it. :thinking:

Hey @Greg_Smith, great question. Yup after publishing users will get a notification that the library has been updated. Within that notification they can review the changes which will show the list of updated styles and components along with the description if provided.

Here’s our help article that outlines this. Hope this helps! :blush:

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Thank you, Josh!

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