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More descriptive design library updates

When approaching design library updates, I like to think of the descriptions I added as release notes for a design system. Something more in line with what you’d find in release notes or pull request documentation that developers would write.

Here’s how the text field for the description currently looks:

I’d love to have the option to add headings, lists, and other text styles to the description to make it easier for other designers to know what was changed. It would also be great to be able to add a template for the documentation since it would help every design get in the habit of recording their changes. Even something like the text editor here in the Figma forms would be nice!

Would anyone else find this valuable? Any other ideas?


most importantly i would love to see a Diff(marked changes) to doublecheck what changed withing the component and / or a merging feature to integrate new versions into the library.

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@Steffen_Muller Probably related: Git Like versioning


Maybe Markdown support would be enough?