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Prototyping "Navigation + Scroll"

  1. Today, if I want to prototype a workflow where a button click navigates to another frame, that’s easy. If I want to prototype a workflow where a button click scrolls within a frame to a specific object, that’s easy. What’s not easy is if I want a button click to navigate to another frame AND scroll to a specific object. (deep linking)

  2. It’s possible to achieve this by specifying the frame-to-frame navigation as one interaction, and then using the delay function to trigger scrolling on the target frame, but that means that each scroll object within the frame would need its own unique frame. And worse yet, scrolling to objects within a shared component doesn’t seem to be possible.

  3. It would be nice to layer a scrolling interaction on top of a navigation interaction, so the logic is captured purely in the prototyping functionality, and not in various interaction-specific frames representing the same page.

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