Is there a way to focus a specific frame with prototype?

I have a deep link button on the screen and I wanted it to take a user to the specific frame on the other screen that has lots of scrolls. Is there a way to make it?


If I understand your question correctly, you want to link to another frame, and then scroll to an element in that frame?

You can add a scroll interaction that triggers after a delay to your second frame, and make it scroll to an element. This will however trigger for any redirects to that frame.


There is no way to detect where the user is linked from, so if you want multiple links to that frame (scrolling to different elements), you have to resort to some other method.

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Thanks, Avokadomos! It was so helpful! :smiley:

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I didn’t realize what the checkbox was for. Not only sharing your knowledge above, it was also a good chance for me to learn about marking solved. You let me learn more. Thanks a lot!

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