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Prototype hotspot not an option?

I need to link the name/avatar to another page, but when I’m on “prototype” mode, there is no hotspot to click to link it, what is happening?

If these objects are wrapped in a group, then you need to convert it to a frame. Or if these objects are not wrapped, you will need to wrap them in a frame.

Already in a frame?

Yes, you can now create interactions from this frame.

how? it won’t let me there is no circle that I can click to create hotspot

Your two screenshots show different sizes of objects (129×32 and 135×32, respectively). Can you show a screenshot showing both the left and right panels (Layers panel and Prototype tab) when a 135x32 frame is selected?

see attached

Unfortunately, this screenshot doesn’t show the right panel with the Prototype tab open.

If you still have the Prototype tab open and there is no “+” button in the Interactions section when a frame is selected, you need to contact the support team and describe in detail what you encountered, attach screenshots, a video and a link to the file.

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