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Prototype hotspots at bottom of frame not working when scaled "100% - display at full size"

Hello. I’ve discovered the prototype hotspots at the bottom of the frame do not work when going through the prototype at 100% scale they do not work (no hotspot hints either).

I tried going through the prototype on “Fit - scale down to size” and “Fit - scale up or down to size” and the hotspots in question DO work.

It’s only when the prototype is scaled at “100% - display at full size” or “Width- scale down to fit width” that the hotspots at the bottom of the frame do not work.

Below are screenshots side by side showing this anomaly.

On the left is the screen, in prototype mode, at “Fit - scale down to size”. Note the hotspots (via hints) highlighted in pink arrows. On the right is the exact same frame, in prototype mode, simply switched to display “100% - display at full size”. Note the lack of hotspots in the bottom part of the frame.

Does anyone know what the fix is? is this a bug? Client needs to use the prototype as a demo, and if it’s not legible because it’s not scaled 100%, it’s not really useful…

Thank you in advance

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