Properties in Variants

So I created a ton of variants with several properties: Size, Type, Selection, & Menu Expanded. Now the options for Size, Type and Menu are short, but for each “type” there are different items that can be selected. The “Selection” ends up being very long where the person who built this component understands that not all options are valid for each “type”, but another team member may not know that and get frustrated.

A solution that would be great is having an option to tie a property to another property where the selection of one filters the other, this being a perfect use case. For example, if I could tie “Selection” to “type”, where which ever option I use for “type” would filter down options for “Selection,” making the component more usable for others.

Heres a screenshot of the properties panel for context:

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this? Open to all suggestions.

If these properties groups are strictly separate, why are you using variants for them in the first place? You can use separate components for them.

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