Problem with pixelation while exporting layer

Images whose full resolution version is not loaded use whatever then can, as the result, some of them end up as squares.

I have the same problem. I sometimes create simple banners in Figma so we can create and edit it within the team. They look fine in Figma but when we export to PNG/JPG the quality drops massively, same for prototypes. Exporting to PDF does not have this problem.

Exporting in x2 or higher could make the quality better, but thats obvious since it enhances the size and is not a fix. For a banner however you are stuck with 1 size, so that is a workaround that can’t be done in all cases. Especially if you don’t want to blow up the size of your prototypes and/or visuals.

Some explanations in this thread don’t apply to this like loading errors and exporting in x2, since it’s all loaded and works for PDF fine. Whats the reason it’s not working for PNG/JPG?

Edit: After some digging I found that PDF export creates a 300 DPI file, where PNG/JPG exports at 72 dpi. Creating the false assumption for me that PDF export was better.

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June 2022 and still having this issue. How has this not been fixed?


ditto @Justin_Jolliff ^^ I continue to have this issue and it’s rather annoying to have final image assets in Figma ready to go, but then I have to recreate them in photoshop to get a good quality export for web.


I have the same banner issue as Neok, looks like I might be forced to recreate everything in photoshop, thanks Figma… disappointed.

August 2022 and it’s still not fixed. I am stuggling for decent quality png exports. :frowning:

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Flagging for a needed realistic fix for multimedia design teams looking to use Figma as a resource moving forward.

Experiencing this as well. Our agency uses Figma for collaborative design for social media content, and we’re all seeing a deterioration in JPEG exports of single photos in post sized frames vs. the same export and sizing in Photoshop/Illustrator artboards. This has really messed our workflow and I’ve been an enormous Figma advocate at the agency.