Present a figma project in one unique page (mouse scrolling)

Hi friends!

I’m looking to present different frames present on a “page” project. In short, I want to present the design of my pages with all the frames assembled, allowing me to scroll the whole page in a fluid way.

I tried to find tutorials presenting this, but I didn’t find anything. By now, I’m familiar with prototyping between clicks, drag, etc. But I was wondering if it was possible to align several “name/desktop” frames for example and when you select the top frame, you can present the page in full length.

(My appologize if there’s already a topic about that – couldn’t find it)

Thank you in advance!

From what I understood

You can create a frame with desired length and put all those frames that you want in it with the right order and then on prototype scroll down to see them. with this mother frame you can also set some button and give them Scroll to action and by clicking it will scroll to desired location of the frame.

you can also Add flows , with this you can have multiple start points of prototype and choose desired one on sidebar of your prototype

Hi @SohrabNiroo

thanks for your answer.

I had imagined your solution as an option, but I didn’t know if there was a way to link different frames of the same format (e.g. desktop) to make a whole long page to scroll.

So it looks like I will have to duplicate my frame blocks (focus on different sections) to present complete pages.

Thanks again for your help. Case kinda solved. :slight_smile:

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