'Plus' sign not appearing when trying to add colors to library

Hi Figma users! I am trying to add colors to my local library so I can reuse them later.

The problem is, currently Figma is allowing me to add colors only automatically, by placing an object with that color (say, light green). If There’s an object with that light green assigned as a fill color or outline color, the color will be available at the palette. Ok.

Now, if I delete that object, its color will no longer be available in the color palette.

That would be ok if I was allowed to add colors to the palette regardless of having or not an object with that color. But I don’t see any plus sign indicating I can add that color to the local library, just like in this evidence image (where a red is selected, but the ‘add color’ is nowhere to be seen)

When looking at Figma tutorials, they always show a plus sign in that menu so I suppose Figma has this feature of adding a new color to the palette.

Can someone help me with this? Maybe I have to do any setup before being able to add my colors?

Thanks in advance.

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I have never seen an ‘add color’ button in the color palette area before, and I’ve not seen any tutorials showcasing this either. Are you sure it’s in the palette area and not color styles?

The video is really old, but the workflow is basically the same.

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