Figma's Selection Colors section isn't showing non-library colors

This file is where I’m building the library, so that might be part of it.

I have a number of layers in this frame that are detached from the library. I use the plugin Design Lint to help catch and clean up these errors, but it hasn’t been working and i’ve had to manually select and update each typeface. I realized then that the colors are not appearing on the right when selected unless I go to the base layer. I can only attach one image to this post, so notice how the Select Colors shows a non-library color (technically the correct color, but still not attached to the library) but if I select the higher-level frame or group, it only appears as library colors.

Any clues how to resolve this? Or is it a bug?

here’s additional context that shows the non-library color doesn’t appear at the higher level group/frame, so I can’t easily select and correct it. I have to manually check each layer for errors.

Hi there,

I understand you’ve already contacted our support team. Please continue communicating with them, as they’ve filed a bug report and are currently tracking the issue. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.