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Plugin question, exporting Figma styles and components

Hi all, I am working on a plugin and I have a few questions. The plugin exports/imports styles and components from Figma into a REST API. I built this for myself and my dev team, and it allows us to use Figma as the source of truth for all our styles and components, and then extract this data, transform it, and load it into our CI/CD pipelines. So for example, when we release our CSS library we build it with data coming from Figma. Then publish the CSS on GitHub where our users consume it.

We have other teams that use Figma. And I want to make this plugin available to them. However, a team using this plugin must provide their X-Figma-Token in order for the backend workers to pull the file data. Second, the processing/pulling work is all done on the backend, its not in the plugin itself. The plugin only acts as an interface.

My concern is if Figma allows the use of X-Figma-Token in Figma plugins, if its ok to pull a user’s Figma file data on their behalf, and if its ok to reach Figma API limits without getting blacklisted when many jobs are running across our teams.

I want this to be a public plugin, since I have friends in other companies that want to use it now. How can we make this happen?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like the right use case for using Figma OAuth - then you can use their Figma OAuth Token to get the files.

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Thanks Emile, really good point, I will take a look at OAuth. I didn’t think of doing it this way before.