Please let us save colors in text styles


If you’re used to working in another design tool, you may find it strange that your text styles in Figma don’t include traits like color or justification. Although it could take some getting used to, hopefully the benefits of this approach will quickly become clear.

Well, no it didn’t. And strange indeed. In addition to getting used to, it takes a lot of time to to change the color every single time I create a new text element, because our text color is not black. Having a default color saved with text styles would be SO. MUCH. EASIER.
I see no reason why the color can’t be in there and also be changed when using the style, if necessary.

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll pass it along to our team for consideration. Do not also forget to vote up your idea (next to the topic’s title).

(At this time it’s not possible to set a colour as part of a text style, and you’ll need to apply a colour style separately to any text styles you apply. For now, as a workaround, where applying these two styles separately is difficult or time consuming, you might want to componentize specific text elements with both styles applied for ease of access and documentation.)

Thank you. Funny that I can/have to vote up my own idea :smiley: