Feature Request: Text styles should include color property

When working on a multi-page digital product it would be convenient to be able to create a text style that includes its color. That way updating the color throughout the entire project wouldn’t have to be done manually.


Why don’t you create a component with the text style embedded within it that way you just have to change the master and it should update everywhere you have used it unless you have manually overridden the style somewhere.

I’m finding the same issue. Our default brand color is midnight blue and H4, H5, and H6 headings are light blue. This will require designers to remember this and will most likely cause issues. I should be able to use a basic text layer with pre-styled color (and other properties) instead of needing to make a component. Sketch has this ability, why not Figma?

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Having a default colour per text style wouldn’t be a bad idea. But then again we should be able to pick other text properties like font-size, line-height, letter-spacing, letter case, etc. as variants as well.

But PLEASE DON’T create a separate text style with colours. Sketch works that way and it’s an absolute pain to create a text style when there are multiple colours and additional shades (you’d end up with thousands of text styles).


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